Sunday, August 2, 2015

Art Monet style?

I try to teach myself to paint like some Masters I admire.
Made this folio of 8 paintings using the colors Monet might use, and I hope with a nod to his
free style.
 I painted the art pieces onto fine muslin and added a bit of starch to begin.
The book is about 7 x 5 inches and made very simply
here.... front and back covers.
The cord is one I made to wrap the book, and the paints I used were acrylics along with watercolor and some black Pigma pen strokes. 


Friday, July 31, 2015

French Museum bag

a tote to go Museum hopping.
Has pockets on both front and back.
I used stained cloth and a few bits of lace along with a nice picture.
Continuing my book about Market bags.

Stick pins

Made some little stick pins to use as embellishments
They are miniature dress patterns from the 50's
I glazed them after mounting onto card.

vintage ladies
Cut them out and then added ear-ring posts on the back

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

just red

a few of my French inspired red items in my little studio
2 journals, a bag and some hearts

all is red

Monday, July 13, 2015


Painted and adorned with a shell, a flower in her hair and some beach glass
held firmly in her hand
Her name is Serena,  siren of the sea
Now she waits for the next low tide so she can sit on some rocks
and watch the beach for new shells and sea-weed to put in her hair

Saturday, July 11, 2015

What I wear at the beach

Summer and the colors are of the sea and palms
I love the look of sandals and floaty Capri pants
I make jewelry to match, not too detailed, no problem if it washes away in the ocean,
 or is covered in sand.
Almost disposable and light.
From my summer look so far

my beach postcard

my beach gear

Painted project

I like to paint fabric and make things
I live in the Islands so right now my thoughts are on the sea and the beach
I make the ever popular mermaids into dolls that can hang and swing
in a breeze.
I am a mermaid too, it is the name of our synchro. swimming group
To dye bits of fabric and lace to decorate the dolls
put about a teaspoon of paint in a cup of water
immerse the bit of fabric and let dry in the sun.
Great for small pieces and frays


Monday, June 29, 2015

French succulents

I created this shabby chic shelf, planter for the wall of my Lanai
The pots are food tins, cleaned and painted to look worn
I made French labels to add to the fronts and gave them a spray of glaze to seal
The pots are filled with foam for plants and then the artificial succulents put into them
held in place with picks.
Now I can go off wandering and no watering needed