Thursday, November 26, 2015

vintage and romantic folder

I like to make items that have a purpose
this is a favorite of mine
a gentle folder to hold  special greeting cards

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Holiday bags, a project

If you create these bags with rich silks and velvet, in Holiday colors
Though simple, they look like small gems.
I like to use them for gift bags and put necklaces or fragrance inside.
hanging on the tree they are ornaments with a usefullness

Easy to make need
fabric to measure 13  x 7 inches
Piece together with 2 colors as pictured, red and bronze silk are what I used.
Sew together in a strip and decorate one panel with a fancy  trim

cut 2 circles of fabric for the bottom, 4 inches in diameter
Sew sides and a hem at top, sew around the circles too

sew the circle to the bottom, does not have to be perfect
Turn to right side and cut 5 pieces of velvet ribbon,   2.5 inches each
Fold in half and slip over the top hem, space evenly, fold is even with top of bag, 
half on inside and half out
Stitch all around over velvet ribbon  about a centimeter from top for casing
Take a yard of narrow cord and thread through the ribbon casing,
bottom of ribbon should hang free for decoration
Tie 2 rusty bells onto the ends of the cord,  and pull up , tie in a bow.

that's all, they are easy and so pretty
try them and let me have comments

Friday, November 20, 2015

Latest craft projects for the Holidays

Here are the projects we made when I taught a workshop to my young friends again
They are really adept at sewing and gluing and cutting, made these creations for the Holidays, and more, in a few hours
There are elves.....Santa......and bangles for wearing
See how clever they are!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blue white and red

I made the Collage on the cover of a French book
It is made of paper, some old text and has a wire hanger
 some metal 'bits' and some ribbon tied on

collage and envelope

I was in my Paris mood so made the painted envelope to place it in
I thought of the lovely women of Paris and their grace and fashion sense
Their Joie de vivre

Friday, November 13, 2015

Vive la France

I have spent many months in Paris over the years.
Was just in France for a couple of weeks
In fact was there when the NZ All blacks played France in the  Rugby cup.
How friendly and fun were the French, even showed me a Haka 
I send my love and sorrow to all who are suffering.
We stand by you mes amis
My favorite breakfast spot

Monday, November 9, 2015

Paris of old,........... a journal

another Paris journal I made from lots of scratch!
The cover has a collage and pictures of Paris, a stamp and torn label
I sketched some accents with a pencil before waxing it and buffing the cover
Pages are plain but most have a French stamped motif in a corner
I bound it with ribbon and tied a big fancy bow onto the spine

the cover with bow

the back and the bookmark hanging there

The harp, wall art and gift bag

I made the wall hanger with a collage of washi tape, papers and wax
It fits into the envelope nicely
Old silk ribbon and twisted wire complete the art.
I must say I love to see wax on collage,
 the dull shimmer is something I really enjoy, 

 it makes it look somewhat aged
It is 3.5 x 4.5 inches

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

T'was the night before Christmas

You can watch my video with more details here
I made the wall art quilt
to hang around the fireplace during the holidays
It has some pieced and painted fabric, embroidery
  buttons and other trinkets

art detail