Sunday, March 17, 2019

Saturday, March 16, 2019

vintage bookmark folder with tags


velum pocket added to lower end

Fun to make the pockets that are extra storage in a journal

the back

use as a bookmark , or refill
about 10 textile and card tags added

Thursday, March 14, 2019

altered Altoids tin

after being given some tins, I set to work painting them and fixing them up
Visitors say they like small things
Will be happy to create some small projects

has vintage Rhinestone Eiffel


Sunday, March 10, 2019

things I am working on

old bottle with lace and label
added pearls, charms and other trinkets to the contents

Journal with beaded closure

it has been rainy and chilly in the Islands
Staying indoors mostly and getting a bit done
Finished another painting today between showers 
Here are some new things that will go into my shop soon, they are a lace book, a journal and an altered bottle with stash inside
the lace book

made all of the pages from various old textiles and some scrim

Friday, March 8, 2019

Maximize the art

Trying to think of ways to re-use my art.
it is work wasted to do it only once
My idea is to use a painting or piece of art again in another way
So I painted my version of a Monet picture, my favorite artist by the way
Then copied the painting and printed it in 4 onto card
and gathered 4 nice ivory greeting card blanks with envelopes and made them into a gift.

To create them I cut the art out with deckle scissors and ran an ink pad around the edges
Another  copy was printed and from that I cut circles for the envelopes. See image.

After gluing the art to the cards,  the envelopes were added with a circle of my art on the back flaps and all were tied with twine
 see pictures.
finished cards

original art

circles cut from print

Project for National craft month

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Cover for a Paris book

Finished the book, this is the cover
thought I would put it in Craft month. 
Feel free to add to my Pinterest Board, I would love the help 
It is National Craft Month 2019

I am adding more each day.
 The elastic beaded closure can be moved around a bit, but it looks best this way

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Not your real Degas, not even close

I painted this quick Ballerina for a young dancer I know
One of those times when I sit and sketch not really thinking
Challenge myself to work on body positions and faces.
So I am standing in my paint area putting  a leg this way and that, same for my arms
I  think I missed the boat with that.
Finished it in an hour and went to throw it out, often do that.
But spied an old card mount that worked perfectly 
So now it is a finished labor of love
Thank-you Degas


It is National Craft Month 2019

I am making a board on Pinterest for this month with some crafts
Nothing fancy but maybe some projects too
Here are some felt critters I make for the kids. about 3 inches so fiddly
They ask for sloths and Llamas just now.

Oh yes a hedgehog too, not shown