Thursday, May 25, 2017

get ready for a new give away

If you  leave me a comment I will give away two small collage postcards pictured here
So leave me your thoughts and enjoy my blog with something new.

The collage kits have a fabric picture that I have stained
a metal book tag
image of lady in corner where stamp goes
Leave postcard as is,  or remove the items for another use

 One winner gets both postcards,
Winner  drawn from my battered 'new' cap, by a friend

an amulet for protection

a beaded amulet I recently completed
I love  an ethnic look achieved with some of my sari silk
Part of a collection sent to a magazine
Must say they are decorative but hold an ID and change for a trip to the Mercado
How to coming later

neck wear with flair

not another market tote!

Oh yes!
olive drab is a favorite of mine
Pockets to hold maps, camera and funds for a
fruitful day at the Flea markets of Paris
Map inside too

a box to hold stuff

This Trinket box is painted and varnished
I  decorated it with old velvet flowers and lace
I added a pretty image to the lid
Inside find a silken pin/brooch.

I like to put something inside my boxes always,
 goes back to my youth, they always intrigued me
 I would find lots of shells and nails, buttons and other treasures,
items that were plentiful on our remote  farm

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Old French bags

A small bag I made with some faded ticking, old lace, an image and buttons,

 hangs with twine and holds lots of tags  Sold


this is a  lavender sachet
love the red ticking

Sunday, March 5, 2017

key to my heart

take an empty chocolate box
Fix it up with a quilted top, in red, 
a ruched lace inside with gold key
and it is a fabulous place to store special memories
Family trinkets and photos are well hidden
add a lock of hair, a magical coin and more

stitching red

golden key

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Paint France

I like to capture the essence of the country by visiting the markets and town squares in France
I can sit and stroll  quite happily, prefer the outdoors and never go 'shopping'
It is the color and the noise of life that warms my spirit, the music and carousals!
 I gather memories to last for years, here are three in Paris and Lyon

Sunday, February 26, 2017

to make, my French tote

I took the easy way out with this tote
I bought the blank tote from Walmart and washed it in the machine to soften a bit,
 then removed the way too short straps


For the French logo I used this frame image from the Graphics fairy
I designed the French art with my Picasa program and printed it onto transfer paper
in mirror image of course
Then ironed it onto my tote and added a great crochet trim I tore off an old pillowcase

Image applied

 here are the new straps, much longer and ready to sew in place

All complete, off to the market this weekend

I could have added a fabric flower I had ready, but it seemed too much, so left it off and like it better
Market totes are so easy!