Tuesday, February 12, 2008

couple of things I am working on

The pics are of some of my work in progress. The lady's face will be a purse

I have done all the stitching by hand couching. The print I did using the water method.

Love the way it looks, sort of aged and worn.

The darker collage is done with a method I call 'things left on my table'.

Just picked up bits that go together and that fell from other projects, scraps actually.

A favourite way I do this type of art. I expect you have tried it too. This was sewn by machine, will end up as a quilty I think.


GardenGoose said...

those are both so very pretty. I absolutely love the style that you create with.
I'm thrilled to have won one of your creations. thanks ever so much.

Pattyjo said...

You are definatly multi-talented!