Sunday, February 17, 2008

Having a lazy Sun Day

I just received the new issue of Altered Couture, here is a glimpe of my current article. It is on the left.
On the right a glimpse of a challenge for a future issue, Altered lingerie was the idea . I really Tarted mine up. Woohoo!

The magazine is glossy and rich looking, price too at 15.00. Worth it if you sew or like to re-invent clothing. I really enjoy recycling myself.

Some really great articles for altering Ts which I will try, we live in them in Hawaii.
One feature dear to my heart is the donation to the the Breast Cancer, Susan B. Komen Fund.
Given by Joni Greenman for auction. It is so pink and denim and lace and wonderful. Thanks so much to her thoughts and artistic abilities. We will win this fight.


altermyworld said...

YOU are so very sweet, thank you for the lovely lace its PINK. i love pink.
AND the doll wow i was so honoured, she is hanging at my work station, shes so pretty.
thank you

Pattyjo said...

Congratulations on your article and all I can say is Wow!