Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Out in the pebble garden

This morning had a lovely surprise when I cleaned up the pretty Japanese garden in front of our place. There was a yellow carpet of Buttercup flowers from a big tree which grows there. It drops the flowers in a profusion of yellow this time of the year. One blossom can fill a bowl they really are huge. Sadly they only last about 2 days.

In the back of the garden was the biggest surprise. Nestled amongst the shrubs was the loveliest angel. Sitting there with downcast eyes. Where did she come from? I don't know, she is not telling either.

I thought she was such a blessing and am really hoping she stays for a while. I gathered some flowers and spread them around her base, then I quietly left her there.

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freebird said...

Where did she come from? Who knows but I do believe she is the Blessed Virgin Mary, not an angel. See, there are no wings, just a halo. How lucky for you to find her in such good shape too.