Tuesday, February 26, 2008

snaps in the garden today

Spring is here after a rather cool Island winter.
The plants are starting to grow some more and
there should be lots of pretty blooms soon.

Here's a glimpse of my 'jungle' for you to enjoy.


GardenGoose said...

hi Lilla!
the plants look great..looks like bouganvilla and a thai tree? very pretty.
hope you are having a great week. I've been busy painting/no not art/ unless one considers painting a ceiling white..as art..it's more like painful art..ouch..shoulder aching creations...ha. painting my son's bedroom this week.
stopping by also to invite you over to my blog for some fun giveaway drawings in celebration of Leap yr. day. hope you'll stop by.

Lilla said...

Tina, I will stop by do not worry. I think you are right with the plants. The red is a Ti plant variation and the other a Norfolk pine, I grew it from 4" and now it is like 6 feet. Comes from my part of the Pacific.