Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tin pincushion

Stand tin on velvet and cut around shape leaving about 3" on each side. Put glue on bottom and stand on this piece till dry.

Bring up over sides of can and glue inside.

Make the cushion by cutting a piece of contrast fabric about 2" bigger than opening.

Run a gathering thread around edge, pull up to cup shape and then stuff firmly.

Fasten off and criss cross thread over stuffing.

Mold and glue cushion into can

Add some braid or gimp around the edge to hide any gaps. There really should not be any.

Glue on embellishments or sew buttons or charms on top. Do not cover too much tho', you want to be able to put lots of pins and needles in this one.

I added the other shaped piece of velvet to the bottom of the finished pincushion .

Go make one.

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