Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fragrant cushion

Filled with Lavender, a special scent for me.

So easy, just a small pillow with a doily wrapped around and sewn in place. The I added pink tulle threaded through a buckle and tucked an old postcard under it.

I have seen these used as a brooch cushion too.


GardenGoose said...

that is so pretty. really like that.clever idea.
love how the little birds are growing too. I have a mockingbird that visits my yard..only thing is..she has no tail..quite a funny looking thing..anyhow today she allowed daughter and I to get extemely close to her before she flew close that we could have nearly touched her if we'd have wanted..odd behaviour for a wild bird, but she did not act afraid, in fact we actually grabbed the branch she was on and eased the branch down while she was sitting on it. how strange. She has been visiting every day now for about 4 days..I saw her yesterday with nesting material in her mouth also. is always so fun to watch nature.
Always enjoy stopping by your blog to see your latest creations.
I'll have to try creating a few pillows like the one shown..they look like they'd make lovely gifts too.

RubyMay said...

This is divine ! i am so pleased you shared how it was made. I do hope its alright to make one ourselves...(not a copy) We have a challenge to go blog hopping and make something that someones blog inspires us to do. I have been on your blog now for hours...totally fascinated by it...but I was already so in love with your work when I first saw it on Art-E-Zine...I cant believe I have found your it all x I will be back ...but best go and get some work done ! Sending hugs...RubyMay x