Friday, March 14, 2008

Making some Postcard pouches for evening theatre trips

I enjoy silk and use it almost always for stitchery.

The best I find is Dupionni silk, love the shimmer and the slubs. You can dye it, fray it for ruffles and crinkle it up. Lots more.
The ruffle edge on the valentine is frayed silk.

These pouches are still being created so there is a way to go yet. Anyway here they are so far.

One uses my crinkle technique. The dark green one.

Here is the way I do it. Wet the silk and twist it tightly. Undo it carefully and put on an old sheet and press with a hot iron till dry. Keep wrinkled. Then iron onto some woven interfacing.

Words are used a lot in my work as you may notice.

I like the way they set a feeling or mood.


GardenGoose said...

lovely!love the colors and the writing adds just a special charm.really nice.

Pattyjo said...