Sunday, June 22, 2008

Have you ever tried this?

I love to color anything and for years dyed silk fabrics in jars like this.

Then saw tie dyed Ts recently and decided to try the same process.

I mixed 1/2cup of 3 Rit dyes. Yellow, brown and dark green.

Wet the shirt or shorts , cram into small container till full.

Pour on yellow dye.

Wait till it trickles down, pour on brown dye, wait again. When it looks full of liquid pour off the remainder to make room for the green dye.

I ran a chopstick down the sides a bit to help the dye go to the bottom.

Leave a couple hours and then rinse and dry.

This can be modified with different colors, how long to leave the shirt and how much dye that is used.

Add lightest dye first then darkest last.

I am now wearing this shirt I dyed yesterday, wish I had processed some shorts to match.

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BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

I never thought of tie-dying in a glass before! Looks like fun! I just remember doing tie-dye in large buckets as a kid at school... it seemed to take forever (well, we all had to wait our turn and there were about 30 kids anxious to do their shirts at the same time)! =)