Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here is a great tutorial, easy too. My Magnet Board

I like to make magnet boards and have several of these in my rooms.

To create, uses a found piece of tin, you can use a purchased item like this, or the lid off a large cookie tin or similar.

Find them at Emporiums, or Ross stores. Maybe a flea market.

Make magnets by glueing magnet strips onto things like, game tiles, buttons, small tins, photos glued to card or to wooden bits, use dice, bottle caps.

Add other elements to these for a funky look.

Now put notes or family pics onto the magnet board.

My daughter's doggy pictures have been added to mine.

Love to hear if you make this project.


CalicoDaisy said...

Hey Lilla: Great tutorial! Do I know those dogs? Do they belong to B? I have a shih tzu as well and adore him. I blogged about you on my post today. I thought I would list and say a word about the blogs I visit, so my friends can get around and see who is out there. -- Michele

Lilla said...

very cute Michele. They are wee people, not real doggies.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

These look like fun! Perhaps it will make a great summer project for my little ones. We have used cookie sheets in the past to display the kids' alphabet magnets. =)

Lilla said...

Perfect idea Beachy