Friday, July 11, 2008

Beads and more beads

Using fabric and paper scraps can be trying sometimes but I find these beads just the ticket.

I cut paper or fabric into either rectangles or pointed shapes and wrap around plastic straws.

To hold I use dabs of glue.

Paper beads I often varnish or paint, tyvek beads I often paint then hit with a heat gun.

Fabric beads I usually wrap with fibers, maybe sew on beads.

I sometimes remove the straws, if needed they stay in place to give stability,
just cut with the scissors to trim.

I have dipped the paper beads into glue and sprinkled with glitter lately, glitz is in.

The jar looks cool with all the beads showing, I glued fabric to the lid and edged the lid with trim. Now I don't want to use the beads, they are too much pleasure to look at.
So will make another jar to use in my art. Busy, busy.


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Are you ever not busy, busy Lilla? You amaze me - these are stunning.

Lilla said...

Hi Niki,
here's a secret, made these last year. Keep on collecting them.
Surprising I know but I work fast in little increments.
Off to the beach or for a swim every day.
In the afternoon heat I siesta and read, watch TV or just chill.
That is pretty much the routine.