Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coastal Stitchery

I made a wall piece from hand dyed silk and other fibers to create an image of tide pools I had seen.

I used soft colors and lots of stitchery with ribbon and threads.

The edge, not shown is finished with feather stitch and crystal beads.

The photos show either end of the project.

It is 18 x 12" so fairly large.

To achieve the effect of a seascape I wanted the picture to be much longer than the width to give the illusion of stretching into infinity.


Myrna said...

Beautiful! Dreamy!

Cathy K said...

Oh that is just gorgeous! I love the soft colors and all the texture you've created. This reminds me of growing up on "my" California beaches! :-) Hugs, Cathy

Elizabeth Golden said...

These are beautiful! You have captured the coastal tidal pools perfectly. I should know I see them daily. Your work is wonderful!