Friday, July 11, 2008

Sharing a couple of crafts

I need to break from stitchery so when my fingers are tired I make crafts.

I try to create useful things, not much room where I live in the Islands.

This chalkboard is easy and the accompanying kitchen plaques are fun.

You need a clip board from office depot, and 2- 5" stretched canvases, quite deep.

Paper napkins and white glue.

Chalkboard paint. Spray can is fine.
Black paint and varnish if liked.

Spray the board couple of times with chalkboard paint and dry.

I like the rustic look for these so rips are OK.

Seperate the napkin into one ply, glue to surface of canvas and to parts of clip board.

Choose a theme that you like.

Kitchen shops have lots of napkins and the cocktail size works.

Paint edges of canvas black and if liked spray on a coat of varnish.

I keep my chalkboard in my kitchen with a small tin of white chalk.

It is so handy. The canvas art was a suggestion from my niece in NZ.

Have fun.

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Myrna said...

Great ideas, Lilla! Love the paper beads, too. Thanks for sharing how-to's. You are a clever girl!! ;-)