Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wherever I look there is the ocean. An Ocean box.

I live surrounded by the sea so I am influenced by it in my art.

It is not always a conscious thing, but seems to permeate all I do.

I love to sketch something and then make it into a creative piece.

One time I stayed in the Yasawas, remote islands near Fiji.

Nothing to do except swing in a hammock and collect shells.

The shells were very beautiful.

This is the rough drawing and the art I made from it when I came home.

I used hand dyed silk and cardboard.


Helen said...

That box is absolutely gorgeous Lilla. Such beautiful soft colours. I wonder how hard it would be to ruche the silk on the lid?
I've only just found your blog. Didn't know it existed. Have some catching up to do. I've always loved your work. First saw a couple of your projects in a copy of my Embroidery and cross stitch mag a few years ago.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Oh Lilla! Please put one of your GORGEOUS handsewn seashells in your shop!!!

From your fellow sea-buddy, Beachy! =)

Myrna said...

Just breathtaking, Lilla! Your work is amazing!
Would love to hear more about your time on the island near Fiji...

Lilla said...

Dear Myrna,
it was so primative in the Yasawas, I have all kinds of memories. Mosquitos,little water, none hot. Sleeping under a net in a Bure, a thatched hut.
Dreaming in a hammock, painting and taking photos.
My pictures are really special and some have been in an exhibit.
More about it and photos later
aloha Lilla

art-creations said...

this box is my absolutly favorite!!!I love the soft colors.