Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wonderful Urban Art

To give Graffiti artists another option a group called 808 Urban, gives canvases and paints to
budding painters.

I captured this group today in our local park.
They created a mural for the newly renovated library.
It features Menehune, the little people found in folklore of the Islands.
Here then are some moments I captured while watching their talent with spray cans of paint
and lots of imagination.


Anonymous said...

Aloha! We here at 808 Urban is a non-profit organization specifically founded to provide programs, projects and different venues to serve our youth, young adults and the community through the means and influence of the artistic urban culture. This unique art form includes the use of aerosol art, air brushing, animation, canvas work with acrilics and oil, dance,D-J'ing, digital media, murals, photography, videography and the like.
Our 808 Urban organization is currently staffed by volunteers with the Founder and Executive Director known as "Prime"

inventivesoul said...

~*So COOL Lilla!*~
Thank you for sharing this!