Friday, August 8, 2008

Gift tags, cards and one Envy.

I made a bunch of sassy cards, tags, envys and more with images I liked of classy underwear photos.

They looked good to me mounted on black cardstock with bits of lace, fabric, torn scraps, tulle pockets, smaller tags, wrinkles and lots of white machine stitching.

Only problem, having to find a white pen to write the greeting on the back.

Envy holder.

I wet and wrinkled a coin envy, gave it some dashes of paint and let dry.

Then glued collage elements on back and front, tucked the flap inside , punched a hole in one corner and threaded some twill through.

A card slips into it to tie on a birthday gift.


Myrna said...

LOVE these! And I love your Mind Wide Open entry--we BOTH did journals!! ;-)
Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

these are fantastic - i enjoy your work. :)