Monday, September 22, 2008

Lavender hearts

I am going to be an old fashioned lavender lady for the re-cycling fair. This next weekend.
In the mood for some lavender things. My costume is funky and almost complete, meanwhile here is a lavender (colored) heart decoration.
Good for real lavender to hang in the closet, hitched over a hanger.
Sweet on gift packages, pegboards. In the mudroom, I wish.
To make, I fold a stiff florists wire in half.
Close one end inside other, base of heart.
Push in the dip and manipulate the sides how you like. Wrap with rags, ribbon or florists tape.
Decorate with flowers on one side only looks best.
I use wire, thread or hot glue.
Tie on a vintage lace bow and a little ribbon hanger to the top. Nice for favors too.

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catharinas-love said...

That is beautiful to see !