Thursday, September 18, 2008

Little pansy pincushion project

I make this little pincushion for a gift to a sewer.

I blanket st. around the whole front first.

Then blanket st. the back when you put it together. You can join up the 2 lines at the sides.
Put a light padding under the front velvet and do whiskers and face last. Slip a green 'stem' inside the 2 back velvets. Glue them.


Chrissie said...

Love the little pansy pincushion Lilla. Thanks for the instructions. I have several friends who would love that. I guess it could be made from felt as well?

Lilla said...

Try the pincushion in felt, cotton, even a print looks good.
Let me know if you make one

Chrissie said...

Hi Lilla, thanks for replying to me. I was wondering if you could please take another look at my blog and see if the pics are showing now. I can see them but not sure what is happening with Blogger?