Thursday, October 9, 2008

Embellishing the project

To finish the gift matchbox.

Glue on little feet, I added one to each corner on the bottom of the sleeve. Mine are fairly large beads. Use stacked buttons or maybe little wooden spools, shells could work. Nice to raise the box up off the table.
Add seasonal or found items to decorate. I used some red glitter, 2 found jewelry bits, and punched out stars in gold and black.

Hints, I like to meld the edges of torn paper with a lead or charcoal pencil.
Themes make it easier I find, so choose a holiday, vintage, French, and for Men maybe wild animals, fishing etc.

To find good graphics pick up brochures at art galleries and museums. I like old fine art catalogs too.
Save the box when empty and stow other memorabilia inside. Or try lavender, brooches , ATCs
stamps and childrens marbles or dice. Have fun, aloha


Jan said...

Lovely idea Lilla - I shall definitely make some of these for Christmas. Firstly I have to go hunt matchboxes! I may be gone for sometime!!

Lilla said...

you are too funny! Go hunt,look in BBQ areas and camping maybe.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Love this Lilla. So pretty! Perfect little stocking filler at Christmas time...
Thanks for sharing,