Tuesday, October 28, 2008

for a daughter

Few 'bits' for a daughter who is crafty.
Wings, card folder and stick fairies.
It is her birthday so filled up a box with sewn items and paper crafts.

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Pearl said...

I love how you made the wings, best I've seen. And the wands too. Your daughter is very lucky to get a box of things to put on stuff.I do the same thing for my crafts, I like to make little bits to put on stuff at a moments notice like my cards and such. Gee I wish you were my Mommy :)

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

How fortunate your daughter is to have you for a mother, Lilla!

I'm LOVING those stick angels! You ought to put some in your etsy for the holidays! =)

Lilla said...

Pearl, my daughters x3 might give me away! You might be able to have me.

Lilla said...

Louise, hmm, might be an idea . I did different fairies last year and even taught a 'make and take' class with them. Maybe I should do some of my other packaging and tree ornaments and put them there.

Jan said...

Those wings are to die for Lilla! What a beautiful idea - I try to do the same for my daughter - it makes it special to give something personal