Friday, October 31, 2008

Little lesson

If you like portraits, here is a way I make them dimensional with little work.
2 pieces of fabric, and another one with the photo on. 2 pieces of needlepunch backing. Sewing machine with quilting foot on, and feed dogs dropped.

Position picture, one piece of backing and one fabric. A sandwich is formed like a little quilt.
Stitch round and round the portrait but not on it. The shape will start to puff. Now add the second piece of needlepunch and other piece of fabric to the back. Repeat the sewing up and down and around and around. Puffs some more.
I had normal tensions and 1.5 st. length.

Needlepunch is a quilt batting, closely woven and thin like felt.

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Pearl said...

I love it when you give directions on the art you do. The simpler the better for me. I don't sew but I bought one of those small machines to get me started. I'm doing tags and such but this looks like something I could do! Thanks