Thursday, October 9, 2008

OK here is a recipe for the matchbox, shown below.

First find the box. Getting harder for me. Longs Drugs is the only place here, cost about 1.49 ea.

Tip the matches out carefully and lay a piece of lace or ribbon in the box. I am using a holiday theme this time. Add the matches, bit tedious I know, throw away about 10% of them. Knot the lace.

Cover the 2 ends of the tray and the bottom only, either glue on paper or paint them. Dry seperately from the cover or it will stick. Try the fit when dry, usually have to sand edges a bit. Or cut a little off. Now add a pull knob. In this case a vintage button. Fasten inside with wire, a button thingy or paperclip.

Flatten the box sleeve and collage how you like. Leave one strike side free of paper so it can be used. When dry varnish it and dry before adding any embellishments. See ideas in next post.

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