Monday, November 3, 2008

Do pop over and see one of my daughters with my editor, Jenny Doh.

Tadah! Jenny is the best.

Do visit the Somerset magazines, the most unique there are anywhere. Led by such an energetic group of Editors.

My daughter Beth stood in for me when I could not be at the Quilt festival.

She was with her bbf. Michele. I envy them. Sandara Evertson was there too.

They had an exciting couple of days. Visited also with my friend from down under, Helen Gibb.

We shared a room on one trip to Australia so naughty Helen told Beth that she slept with her mother.

Off to bed early, big day tomorrow.



Wanda said...

Lilla, I just popped over to your ETSY shop, good job. I really liked the Silken oval pincushion, and the marie doll. Your style is on the same wave lenght as mine but you are much better at the execution of the design than I am. I am going to be posting some of my creations, and I would love your input. And may I say I envy your sleeping with Helen Gibb, I have most of her books, and watched her on the Carol Duvall show. LoL TTFN

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Your daughter is lovely, Lilla!

And now I have links for more and more eye candy to feast my eyes upon! =)

Now we are off to vote...

GardenGoose said...

hi Lilla,
yes your daughter is lovely. glad she could fill in for you like that.
hope all is well with you and wanted to wish you a lovely weekend.