Thursday, November 6, 2008

memory box

Going through my old suitcase, found this, I made and forgot about.
Glory box, with ephemera, stitchery, lace, words, flowers and more.
Nice for a bride to keep things in, so I put a French vintage Bridal pouch that I embellished, inside.
Also added some brooches I had on hand

Don't laugh but the box was a new pizza container.


Cape Cod Memories said...

That is one lucky pizza box having had your loving magic! =) What a beautiful keepsake!

Cape Cod Memories said...

YES! Do visit! =) And Boston is very close, too! =) And NYC is only a 5hr drive away (even shorter by commuter jet).

Sanja said...

beautiful work as always!:0)

Cape Cod Memories said...

Note to Lilla (you don't need to publish this) - the first of many craft fairs start here this weekend. I will try to get pics for you. =)