Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mirror compact for a gift

I made a little tute for the mirror that goes in a compact pouch to carry inside one's purse.
It is quick and easy.
Embellish or not. I can see Miss Pat doing her CQ on it. That would be great.
All you need is a piece of silk or nice fabric, embroidered or not.
Cardboard and batting cut about 1cm. larger all around than the mirror.
Round mirror, mine is 7 cm, From craft store.
Piece of ribbon for hanger.
Gimp or lace or trim to surround the mirror edge.

Place batting, thin please, on back of card.
Cut fabric with pinking shears 1 cm larger than card.
Glue rim on other side. Pull fabric over and adhere firmly.
Loop ribbon and glue across card. This is a handy holder for fishing it out of the pouch.
Now glue mirror atop, use strong glue like 'gold bottle.'
Trim the edges of mirror with pretty trim. Cover mirror edge slightly.
Important, press under a pile of books till dry.
Add a bead or flower as I have. Or maybe lace motif.
The compact is lined and padded and mirror can be stitched to it or not.
Nice gift for a friend.
I would love to see any you make.


Chrissie said...

What a gorgeous gift for your friend. As with all your work, it is beautiful :)

The Whispering Poppies said...

What a wonderful idea, Lilla! My daughter watched a craft show on TV the other day, on which they were embellishing old jeans with vintage trims. Now she wants to do the same thing to all her old jeans! I think I may have a little altered art artist on my hands! =)

GardenGoose said...

so pretty, and such a neat idea.