Monday, November 10, 2008

My quick and glam. purse for holidays.

Follow pics from bottom to top.

I have taught this folded purse for years so thought you may find it handy. Adjust the proprtions for fabric width you use.
It is self lined and interlined with only 2 seams. Wow! How much fun and quick too.
Embellish when done or if you figure out where to put the lace etc. add as you go.
Hope this makes sense. Cut 6" wide strip of fabric right across to selvedge. I used silk 53" wide so cut 6 x 53.
Fold in half and press fold.
Place horizontally with fold to right and 2 selvedges to left. It is double now.
Pocket, fold right side up 11" then down to meet original fold, you will have 6 layers. Press.
Flap, fold doubled selvedges over to cover the opening on the right, about 2" will overlap.
Adjust as you like because you are making the flap. It will be about 5 1/2". Press.
Now sew the two sides all the way, zigzag if fabric is fraying like mine.
Turn out the flap, and then the pocket. Just 2 turns. Press and pullout corners. Fold flap into place, press.
Take some cord or ribbon and sew under the flap for a shoulder strap.
Decorate how you like, I added a lace motif and would do some ribbonwork probably.
Hint, If you want to do embellishing as you sew, lift flap pieces add lace.
Maybe baste purse first to figure out placement. I had to.

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