Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quick gift for a Nanna

They love soap don't they? I think of these for Nursing home presents also.

I am always thing of a new way to wrap them.
Latest here.
Stand wrapped soap in a chunk of tulle. Leave paper on for safety, OK?
Give a twist then tie couple times with yarn or ribbon. I like tinsel knitting yarn, has a nice tarnished look. Trim the tulle, pulling up the long bits and cutting off.
Find or make 3 little roses and glue atop.
Cut a circle of cardstock and glue on a 'nest' of fun paper packaging or maybe lace or ribbon, gathered.
Glue soap to the center.
Use hot glue because it will pull right off the soap if it reaches through the wrapping.
Quick and pretty. Nice favor too.
I get soaps at a discount store in a box of 3-4.


Pearl said...

Very Pretty!

Jan said...

What a lovely idea - I think anyone would love to receive soap so prettily packaged - not just nanna's!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

My gosh, Lilla! That is so lovely!

mary beth said... there any way you could possibly share your mind with me?.....your work is so absolutely beautiful...

Lilla said...

thanks to all who leave comments.
I do love to hear from everyone, being alone out here in the Pacific.