Saturday, December 6, 2008


Photo I took in Provence. I added the woman's profile and collaged it for a picture.
Just playing around.
This was taken in a wine cellar in a Chateau.


Jan said...

Fantastic effect

Wanda said...

Lilla, Lilla, Provence, what a way to go. I can only imagine the beauty. We have been invited to go to Southern France with a friend this summer. If I can get myself on a plane again, (I am not a good flyer) we will go. I wanted to tell you, and I hope this is O.K. I listed the pansie pin coushions on my brand new ETSY shop. they have apparently sold. Now if you think this is any kind of plagerisum I wil never do it again. I have felt bad thinking it might upset you. That would never be my intent. Please relish you vaction, regards, Wanda. TTFN

Wanda said...

Lilla, thank you so much for the prompt reply, I did say I got the pattern from you on my blog announcing my new ETSY shop. If I sell the other 8 ;)I will certainly say on my listing I got the pattern from you. Have a glorious time. TTFN