Thursday, December 4, 2008

last minute projects

I am preparing to go on vacation, first to Texas to see family, and then to France.
I will try to check in but it may be a bit slow.
I do hope everyone has a blessed Holiday season.
I will be back.
Have a few more days yet and some things to post to the blog and last minute calls for Etsy.
Here is a quick project for quilters, I know lots of you.
Cut a large star shape out of muslin, or smaller but not too little.
Tear or cut about 6-8 1" strips of assorted fabrics.
Cut the center shape out of velvet .
Sew the strips around and around the center, ironing as you go.
Spray starch and iron flat. Create a hanger of some kind.
Stitch around the muslin shape and trim.
Lay face down on a square of backing fabric, print looks good.
Sew around leaving opening. Trim shape to original star outline.
Turn, poke out points, stuff lightly. Close opening.
Attach hanger and a few old buttons. Not too many tho. You could of course embroider the seams or fancy it up with trims.
I like to keep it simple with a more country look. It is a good tree topper. Maybe hang tinsel from the points.


Jan said...

Thank you so much for these instructions Lille. I am not a professional machinist, nor a quilter and to be given instructions like this is a real help. I will have a go at making a couple - they are so pretty.
Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and enjoy your time in France - lucky you! Wishing you also a happy and healthy new year x

calicodaisy said...

Nice, Lilla. Great tutorial. Hope you have fun in Houston.