Saturday, January 17, 2009

On a re-cycling kick . Again!

I grew up this way in remote NZ and so happy to see it back with the economy adding energy to the look.
Junk is beautiful, like shabby chic with a bit more oomph!

Have you seen the CD my kids gave me. A freebee in a magazine of the same name.
Full of the neatest ideas.
I received the item from my son in law, (company give away) so created a holder for travel pictures.
The card is a sketch of Vernon, a place I loved.

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Ian Buchan said...

Hi again, just browsing: I agree with the Recycling Kick idea, it often pays to trawl through the second-hand and charity shops. I get a lot of books from two 2nd hand shops here, and even have a Pentax Spotmatic camera from the 60's, reconditioned, I got it for Rands 200 -- about $20!. It works very well; funny to be back to film, I used a film camera for about 35 years. Odd bits of china and porcelain turn up in the most surprising places.