Saturday, February 7, 2009

challenge for this week

From Art Creations Friday Blog, see below button card.
The vintage photo of a woman was to be used in some way.
I made a small, 6x4" Vanity card.
It has black and gold striped velour background, vintage wallpaper cutout and metal piece.
I edged the card with gold glitter pen. The words are cut from a piece of bead packaging.


Ian Buchan said...

Hi there, that's very original....nice to see craft work of quite ordinary things. A friend makes recycled greeting cards for sale at the church, and her apartment is full of scraps, special scissors, glues, you name it! I copied some dog pictures from the web for her, she made them into neat little fridge magnets for Christmas presents.

Sharon said...

I love this, the combination of colors and materials is perfect. Just my style.

The Whispering Poppies said...

Beautiful as always!

You know, I just remembered something from my childhood (a LONG time ago, but not THAT long - lol)... I had a savvy aunt who used to save all her Christmas cards, then she'd use her fancy shears and cut out the nice parts and use them on her own collaged tiny gift tags - she'd sell them at holiday craft fairs. Now this is nothing new to us these days, but in her time, she was the only one doing it and she made a bundle of $! lol She's since passed away, but I'd bet if she were around now and saw all these blogs, she'd say, "I used to make..."! lol
hugs to you, Lilla! =))))