Monday, February 2, 2009

French heart project

Here is a must have ledger paper heart to copy for my heart orny.

Cut and adhere to a piece of thick interfacing.

Gather 3 one yard pieces of crepe paper from a party roll is good.

Lay on top of each other.

Gather by hand or machine and sew or glue to back of heart.

I put a nice sticker in the middle to remind me of my vacation.

A gold brad decorates the steeple.

Separate the edges of the crepe paper for a ruffled effect, gently crushing in your hand.

To finish, tie a lavish double bow with 3 yards of rayon binding and a yard of sheer ribbon. Trim ends on diagonal.

Glue to point of heart.

Put a hanger at top made with same ribbon , if needed.

Nice gift on a package, as a pew bow for a wedding, on the wall, on a box or book.

Easy and I think elegant.


The Whispering Poppies said...

Another beautiful and elegant idea, Lilla! =)

bluemuf said...

Thank you Lilla, I love the heart project.