Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just fiddling

I have quite a few projects that need attention.
Put together a collage of some 'bits', fiddling is what I call it.
I like to take a bunch of things that are scattered on my worktable and see what I can do with them.
The old coin purse will get some decoration.
The wine moire' fabric is actually the back of a purse I am completing.
The oval Marie is my try at a new technique.
Now I have to run to swimming master class. aloha


Tami said...

Love fiddling....some of the best creations are made then!

Have a great day!

Pat Winter said...

Beautiful as always Lilla. I never tire of viewing your work. It always leaves me feeling like a lady :-).

The Whispering Poppies said...

Your fiddling always results in little masterpieces, Lilla! =)

RubyMay said...

Lilla..."Theme Thursday" have "labels" as its theme this week so when you have done your fiddling you may want to check them out! They would all adore seeing your work.
Love the beautiful things you use for your art x