Monday, March 30, 2009

Create your own baglets

Love to make this pattern I developed years ago.
2 seams only and a neat little bag to hold jewelry, soap, cards, lavender or whatever.
Take minutes to make.
Great to re-cycle. I used old sheets and and fabric scraps for these.
I like the 'boxed' bottom that results from the fold.
Take a 16x6" piece fabric, fold to 8x6", make any size you like really.
Fold is the bottom.
Now fold bottom up 1/2" and press. Top down 1.5" and press.
Sew down each side. Turn and like magic the top is neatly to the inside and the bottom has a bit of room so it can fill and look nice.
make from old quilts, scraps of tea dyed lace and charm squares.
To tie them closed, sometimes I sew around the top for a casing and snip a hole in it and thread ribbon through.
To decorate, do it after folding but before sewing so placement is right.
decorate with patches, transfers, buttons and anything you like.


Pat Winter said...

Wonderful tutorial. Thanks Miss Lilla!!!!

Pearl said...

Great idea! yours are so lovely. Hope all is well your way! Come by for a visit sometime. I'm still loving the beauties you made for me.

Talking Horses Arts said...

What an awesome idea Lilla! Thanks so much for sharing!

Jan said...

You are always coming up with such pretty little ideas. There is no way that I could make the fabulous bags and purses that you do, but at least I could make these! Thank you Lilla!

Jan said...

Thanks for popping in my friend. Dont worry about not calling very often: if I lived where you are, I would be spending all my days on the beaches etc!!! As it is, I dont know how you find the time to create all your glorious pieces. Next time you pass by, let me know and I'll arrange tea and cakes!! xx

Ian Buchan said...

hi, from Auckland: you were originally from NZ? Staying at Devonport, North Shore, it's just great. ciao.

Catharina Maria said...

Wonderful work Lilla !
xox Rini