Saturday, April 25, 2009

1930s rose for Mum

This is a rose from the 30s that I updated to make into a gift for a Mother.
You need 2 x 5" pieces of velvet and a bunch of stamens. A velvet leaf is nice or you could use ribbon or lace.
I kept it simple.
Sew around the scallop shape with right sides together. Leave a small opening to turn it.
Turn and iron flat, sew separation marks between the petals and cut a hole in the middle to push the stamen through.
I added a bit of glue to the stamen base. Glue the opening closed.
Add a velvet leaf if you like.
Push the 30s flower into a vintage glass bottle filled with pearls for Mother.
This is a pretty presentation for anyone, a Grad. maybe.

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Pearl said...

This is a great idea. So pretty

Sharon said...

Oh I love this idea.Thanks so much Lilla. Have a wonderful Sunday. Sharon