Friday, April 10, 2009

Names of give aways drawn.

I went ahead and made 2 more give aways, four in all.
Send me your addresses please.
They are, Sharon, Nanette, Pat, Louise.
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The Whispering Poppies said...

I am so delighted, Lilla! Thank you!

My vignette party is next Wednesday (the 15th) - so you are not too late. You have such lovely vignettes on your blog all the time - I think you will enjoy it! =)

Sharon said...

What a sweet surprize after a long day in town. Thank you so much Lilla. I emailed you my address. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. I used to spend easter in Honolulu when I was a child. I remember wonderful Easter egg hunts. It was magical. Sharon

Nanette Nix said...

How exciting to see my name listed as a winner.....thank you so much! I'm emailing you my address.
Sending you a "wink and a smile"!

Pat Winter said...

Thank you Lilla! I love your creations and am thrilled to have won!!!!

landgirl said...

Hi, Happy Easter. I found your blog via the paper boats you sent to Joanne Kaar. Great boats and a great blog full of lovely things and neat ideas. I love your bags. Just this morning I was fretting over a dress much too small for me but that I could not bear to give away because I loved the fabric--so hey presto I think it will become a beloved bag. Thanks.