Saturday, April 4, 2009


I made a series of silk road purses for a show in a gallery here. Samarkand was the last in my ethnic grouping. All sold now.
There were 3 larger bags and 3 small pouches. I think I put a couple up on my site before.
I like all styles and colors of art.
But two faves would be Romantic and Tribal art.
I can let loose with embellishments, findings that hang loose and free, rustic bits and earthy colors.
I have some old lace and silk, most given to me from attics and estate sales.
I am putting them to new usage, so they may be there for generations to come. In a new incarnation. Of course.

Watch for a new give away. Coming.


Cathy K said...

Lovely purse. I, too, am drawn to tribal themes and have done an African purse and crazy quilt. Have so much collected - must explore that some more this year. Thanks for the wonderful eye candy! Hugs, Cathy

RubyMay said...

Your work is exquisite as always Lilla. I love your purses, and this is a wonderful way to use your vintage pieces x