Thursday, April 9, 2009

worked on these this week

Couple of purses and a brooch.
They are in the Marie Antoinette style.
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Sharon said...

They're beautiful Lilla. On the center one did you dye your laces and motifs? They're wonderful.Sharon

Lilla said...

I did dye all the laces on the projects, some gauze too. Every stitch on these is by hand, my hands do get sore. Ouch!
I love to play with color and dyeing works for me. I also use tea and coffee and acrylic paint diluted like in the Pacific bags in the latest Haute Handbags.

Wanda said...

Lilla I am sorry to have missed your giveaway, I would love to have something of yours. As usuall your things just are over the top. I love the Marie style.

Pearl said...


Jill OLeary said...

I've been working hard on my embroidery for the last 5 years and it is artists like you who inspired me to keep learning and experimenting. When I see your work, I see all the possibilities of beauty. Thanks you for sharing your gift!