Monday, April 13, 2009

Ye olde Oatmeal box #2

I love to use recycled boxes and needed a new pincushion .
Thought you may like to follow along on this one.
It consists of 3 parts, the base with red dotted fabric, the cushion and the covered button.
I cut the center out of the plastic lid of the box, makes it easier to sew to the cushion.
After packing firmly with stuffing I added a silica packet to help prevent rust.
Then sewed the base on and glued a bit of rickrack around the seam.
The covered button was a bit tricky to add and I needed pliers to help pull the needle.
I held the indent while I sewed with buttonhole twist.
Finally covered the base with fabric wrapped cardboard.
Simple but fun and very quick and easy.

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