Monday, May 18, 2009

As I wing my way south, leave you with a little idea.

A pretty idea I came up with to display jewelry for sale.
Actually had a friend in mind who is an earring artist and looks for new ways to show them.
Print both the sheets 4 to a page.
Next cut them out and glue back to back with cardstock in between.
Fold top down on line. Punch 2 holes and tie string or ribbon through.
To hang earrings, poke holes in card. A brooch can be threaded through the card and closed on the back.
A necklace may go through the top holes.
Decorate further as you like.
See you first week of June.


Coleen said...


Heart Hugs,


Talking Horses Arts said...

Thank for sharing Lilla, great idea!
Have a safe and wonderful trip!

The Whispering Poppies said...

Those are lovely, Lilla! A FABULOUS idea! I hope you have a wonderful time in NZ... hope the journal arrived safe and sound before your departure!!!

Jan said...

Great idea, as usual - have a wonderful holiday xxx

Sharon said...

Thanks Lilla. Have a fun and safe trip. I miss you already! Sharon