Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reuse, Recycle, Reduce

Another 'going green' show from the Islands.
One belongs to me, maybe you can guess?


Cathy K said...

ONIONS!!! :-) BTW, loved (and voted for) your Mind Wide Open "Paris" entry! Hugs, Cathy

Ian Buchan said...

Nice, quirky ideas, Lilla; I've beeen thinking how to be strong-minded & reduce plastic waste -- this was partly evoked by a photo of a post-mortem on a Royal Albatross in NZ recently: the poor creature's gut was full of plastic (including a toothbrush!) it starved to death. Much of the Pacific Ocean is a huge "soup" of plastic waste, which will choke the life out of our Mother Earth. We do our small bit here by re-using plastic food punnets for the feral cat-feeding scheme. Tchüss.

Sharon said...

It has to be onions, it just has too. Who else could take a onion bag and make it into a work of art. Love it. Sharon

RubyMay said...

I think it's the onion one as well Lilla!
I wish someone did a challenge using recycled stuff...what fun that would be!
Thanks for sharing x