Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday breakfast on the Lanai

Made some French coffee cakes. One is peach and the other is made with currants.


Anonymous said...

OK--that looks so delicious, I can't even put it into words--MMMMMM!!!

Is it your Birthday? If it is, I wish you a very happy birthday--I can already see it was a yummy one!

Pearl said...

Happy Birthday Lilla! Oh my that looks yummy! I should have flown over to celebrate with you!! Have a great day. Pearl

Sharon said...


Jan said...

Oh! Happy Birthday Lilla! What delicious looking cakes. I hope you had a lovely day xx

le blog de vero said...

I think i'll take a piece of each. Seem to be yummy in fact... Just take a cup of tea please.

Is it your birthday Lilla ?