Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Knitted and wonderful

These are from a show in NZ
Beautiful garments, hand dyed wool and all are knitted.
Ruffles on the red dress are wired and I remember there were thousands of yards of the knitted strips.

Top of the draped dress is sewn onto Solvy.
Wonderful, the skirt is like scarves hung diagonally.
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Cathy K said...

OMG - these are GORGEOUS! I believe they would steal the show at the Academy Awards! Thanks for sharing - I can't believe they are knitted!
Hugs, Cathy

Pearl said...

Beautiful work! so pretty.

Sharon said...

Love the colors. I can't believe they are knit. WOW Sharon

My Journey to Hope said...

I just received your package in the mail, and it's awesome! Thank you so much!!!

:) Michelle

le blog de vero said...

Beautiful colors which give ideas for summer jewelry.


Le_Vintage said...

hey i came across you're blog and i just wanted to let you know it's just a joy i adore those sweet brooches and bracelets you've created.

Le Vintage

Karen Dorothy said...

I love that second dress... Very nice