Sunday, July 19, 2009

Frida challenge

Yes you do use all the items in the collection I provided.
Post a comment to me when done.
I visit Mexico a lot and there are all kinds of shrines to Frida and her art.
In the Mercados you will find bags and T-shirts, ornaments and jewelry with her image on.
She had a sad life in a way with accidents and poor health.
Her passion was strong however and she embraced the colorful cultures of all the regions of Mexico. Her art is forever wonderful and vibrant.
Yo recuerdo Frida
aloha Lilla

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Jan said...

Thanks Lilla - One more question (sorry to be a dimwit!) Can we add any little embellishments to the basics?
I'd love to go to Mexico to see all the memorabilia - I imagine it is so beautifully colourful