Friday, July 31, 2009

Make a Pigalle rose, motif

I get comments a lot on my embroidery. Been doing it over 50 years, don't tell!
Thought you might like to see a Piggale French rose' how to.'
I am doing this on a sampler.
Tips, all the stitches are stem st. really. Couple of French knots and loops.
Use a very loose tension with ribbon and big eyed needle.
Big needle, big hole in fabric so it doesn't fray the ribbon.
Keep 3 needles threaded in this case.
2 colors rose, one green and another needle with tan cotton thread for stems.
I think of how a branch with roses would look and use my imagination.
Now that can be wacky at times I know!
So let us cover the globe with Pigalle roses and forget about it.
Look at bottom right and work upwards.

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Leone said...

Your work is very beautful. Thank you for sharing it. I visit you almost every day and uplifted by the beauty of it.