Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Make tags from scraps on the desk top.

tear a flap off a corrugated cardboard box. Soak and split the layers. It makes fine backgrounds.
layer with bits and pieces on your desk or table.
I had some copies of old postcards, bits of torn muslin and lace, some words I printed on my PC.
Old string, a few stamps and whatever I could pick up from the floor.
I just put them onto the background with a glue stick and when dry sewed around to connect all the bits.


Jan said...

You ARE clever!! Fantastic idea. Mind you, I have so many 'scaps' I could probably spend the rest of my life making 'scrap tags' Must make a few thought when I have a minute.

Catharina Maria said...

Great work to see for me !
xox Rini

Sherry said...

Great idea Lilla - with wonderful results.

Jan said...

I made some today!!!

Bunty said...

These are great Lilla! I love using scraps to create art and using corrugated paper is something I will definitely try.

Thanks for the idea!