Sunday, July 26, 2009

more hearts, instructions below.

These are so simple.
Thanks for your interest in my funky tutes

NOTE below, where it says TYVEK it should say TIMTEX


Narrative jewelry said...

Whaooouu ! So pretty and lovely fiber hearts, bravo Lilla. Love them.

Yesterday i found some old laces at the flea market, so your tutes are welcome... Thanks.

A bientôt ma chère amie,


Lilla said...

Veronique, a bientot a vous.
merci beaucoup.

Catharina Maria said...

Lovely hearts in sweet colors !
Thanks for telling how to make them .
Love Rini

Sharon said...

I love these Lilla. I am off to try one. To hot to be outside. So now I shall try Lilla"s Heart! Sharon

mariona said...

Precioso Lilla.