Saturday, July 18, 2009

On the subject of Frida

I painted the fabric and made the pouch below to hold some art tools. Frida style.

So now I thought I would offer a challenge with Frida in mind.
I see I have at least one interested person.
Woe is me!
Anyway since it is popular now I put these items together and the challenge is to create something Frida might like or use or be inspired by.
You have to use the 5 items above in some way, cut them out, layer, or whatever you like.
I will show mine later.
So here is the collection on left.
Please make my day!


Narrative jewelry said...

No Lilla, you're not alone, i still read you every day, even if i don't post any comments.

All things you create are so beautifull, my english vocabulary is not so rich to find the right words... But my mind is always with you.

I'd like to participate to your "challenge" with Frida, but i don't know her very much. Just know that lots of people love her.
May be i try to do some jewelry if i find inspiration.

xoxo and aloha.


Jan said...

Oh, you know me so well!! I'll have to have a go at this - dont know what though so may take a few days to think it over.

Jan said...

Oops - have just we use the little collection of items that you've provided?

Marimer said...

Como siempre, GENIAL!!!! bSS