Friday, August 21, 2009

Hawaiian Hibiscus

We wear flowers in our hair in the Islands, but sadly they only last a few hours.
This is my blossom from yesterday.
I walked along a lovely hedge of Hibiscus and couldn't resist placing one behind my ear.
When I saw it today it looked like an art piece, dry and sculptured.
I took these photos and will use them in an altered book I am creating.
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Lottie said...

How wonderful - so perfect and fragile even when it had faded - just like tissue paper

Narrative jewelry said...

Oh Lilla, the first pic with black background is inspiring me for some jewelry, the colors are wonderful and the design so interesting. Great challenge for today. Thank you so much...

And what about the smell ?

Have a nice day dear friend.

Sharon said...

Now you be careful Lilla about picking flowers. The Menehunes might get you. LOL Sharon