Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hi-tech tags.

Some more tech. looking tags I made recently.
Love the look, sandwiched between plastic and a touch of glitter added.
To give the look of glass I wanted I dribbled some Plaid Funlites glaze between the layers.
Ball chain my clever daughter's idea.
Did I say, a touch of glitter? Must have spilled the bottle.
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Narrative jewelry said...

Great idea Lilla, they are beautiful, love the woman of the silk road, what is she dreaming about ?


Lilla said...

the Silk road fascinates me and I did a large altered book with that theme.
The woman is pensive and appealed to me a lot.
Her look is both wistful for the passing of the camel trains, and dreaming of the long road ahead.
She stands at the crossroads leaving the old ways for the new.

Jan said...

Another great idea Lilla - what would we do without you! I too love your Silk Road creations.